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Updated: Apr 19

I did it. I finally did it. I’m extremely late in updating the blog about the change, but I finally dropped the weight I so unhappily put on while in school. It took me a while to finally realize I put off the weight. Honestly, I was in denial for a bit. I kept getting frustrated because my pants were sagging and I was not able to fit in the new jeans I had bought a few months ago. Finally, someone saw me and said “Wow, you lost a lot of weight.” In that moment I realized maybe it is time I check the scale to see where I’m at.

When I first came home from school (for my little break) I was weighing in at 160 pounds. To some people 160 is not a lot, but for me it was. I entered college at 125 pounds soaking wet. It was cool for me. I actually had abs and my body was very toned. I could pull off most clothes and still feel very comfortable. For some things, it is still hard to wrap my mind around. After my junior year, I came home and weighed in at 160. So in three years of college I managed to gain 35 pounds and it was just a shocker. I would have been fine with the weight, but my family was not too fond of it.

Not too fond means, poking fun at my newly found pudge. Asking me if I really want another bowl of ice cream. Making me go for walks after meals. You would think my doctor said I was bad. That’s the thing though…I went to the doctor and they told me my blood pressure was a little high. I saw I was overweight on their scale, and the numbers were not adding up in my favor.

I told myself I had 2 options: I could lose the weight, or buy new clothes. At the time I didn’t feel like spending a lot of money on clothes so I did the yoga. Yogi Bear gave insight to how the yoga journey started. I linked some videos to 30 days of Yoga with Adrienne which helped push me to find new ways to lose weight. I’m a lover of food, so I did not change what I ate as much. What I did change was portions on some days. I started off every morning with a shot of apple cider vinegar, a bowl of oatmeal, and an iced green tea from Starbucks. The oatmeal and iced green tea from Starbucks did help to always keep my body running well which was awesome. My mom was very adamant about me walking after meals so I picked up walking every night. Walking started to become a great habit. It helped me clean my mind and I listened to my favorite songs. Walking turned to a power walk, which led to a jog, which eventually moved into running.

I used to run previously and I would compete with my dad on the Nike+ running app. So it wasn’t too hard to start back running.

So when I finally realized I was losing I decided to make a side by side picture of the weight loss to get a good look at it.


When I finally saw it I realized it was so different. So I stepped back on the dreaded scale and noticed my weight and it was 130 pounds. I managed to lose a whole 30 pounds, and right before heading back to school. It was perfect. I couldn’t have done it without determination and focus though. Even now I still have lost even more fat from my body. My abs are starting to come back and my body is even being to look toned. Now I’m having people asking me if I’m eating because I look so small. Such a drastic difference. My goal was not to become skinny. I was more focused on my overall health and making sure I always felt good, and it has led me to this point which is great.

So yeah. I do feel more comfortable wearing certain outfits and in clothes in general. The sad thing a lot of my pants are two sizes too big, so I’m waiting to get money so I can buy some jeans in my size. Then the jeans I have which don’t fit, well all the clothes which don’t fit will be going to the local homeless shelter.

The weight loss journey has been a fun one. When I found fun in my workouts is when I started to see results finally. It took a while so I will say definitely be patient. But it will happen.

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