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Updated: Apr 19

So recently I’ve started doing yoga, and first of all I was supposed to post this a very long time ago…but you you know.

Life happens and it is honestly A-okay. Nobody expects perfection. Which is the new motto I’ve been going by as I have started my new job. I have been beating myself up a bit lately. Constantly going through the ups and downs. Trying to decide if I have finally found happiness in myself or if I’m actually still very pained. Recently, I experienced a moment where I felt as though I was going to explode. being away from situations and not being able to handle them myself makes for a very crazy Candace. However, when I got upset this time around I did things a lot differently,

1. I sat and thought.

2. I took a deep breath in and I exhaled for even longer.

3. I pulled out my laptop and did my 30 days of yoga challenge which I found through HeyFranHey.

4. After my yoga, I laughed with my dad about what I was angry about.

5. I realized all the petty things really need to stay in a petty lane that doesn’t have me in it.

In terms of this Yogi Bear thing I got going on (lol) I realized I need to get my lazy behind up and start working out if I want the flat stomach I keep saying I want but do not work for. I used to feel as though I was working out in order to keep up with other people. To look more like them or to feel more comfortable around them. I realized I was a people pleaser and I would do things in which pleased the people I was always around. Being a people pleaser left me empty and probably was one of the reasons I always felt as though I wasn’t enough. I ended up trying to be someone else all the time and it is unacceptable to act like someone you are not. You should always be yourself no matter the case.

So the yoga so far has been going pretty swell. I was supposed to be doing it for 30 days but obviously I have problems committing to things. S/O to my mom because that actually sounds like something she would say.

But as a current update on how I’m doing in terms of working out. I am doing a combination of T25 and yoga everyday to get my body strong and flexible. I am not doing this work for me and not for anyone else. I felt as though I needed to start working out so I could feel good. Some people may say they feel as though I am skinny and I am this or that, but I personally feel as though I could use a little work. And that is my personal opinion and this is my body, so I can think what I want and make any change to it I feel is necessary. There’s only two people who I need to be interested in pleasing in this world. One is myself and the other is God.  It has been really hard to try to move myself away from the whole people pleaser thing. I want to stay away from being a huge b*tch. I think it is definitely possible.

I’m currently just doing some soul-searching trying to find out who I am and what I want to do. It is already really surprising how it is all changing and how I want to do completely different things from what I was doing before. Hopefully with time I will begin to let you all know which direction I am going in. Even though I am usually an open book and very open about everything, it is something I want to keep within myself and my family.

But in terms of privacy we all know I am an open book and I will always keep things very open and honest. I feel as though God gave me the story line He did so I could share it with other people and positively affect them. So I am not fearful of the fact my blog is open.

So please share it and popularize it so I can become popular 🙂 and I promise I will blog more.

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