The Walking Dead RECAP: Spoilers!

Updated: Apr 19

First and foremost, there are spoilers here. So if you have not watched tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead, now would be a good time to exit. Unless of course you don’t mind being spoiled.

Well…I’m not sure if shell shocked is a good description or just plain heartbroken, but this most recent episode of The Walking Dead tore my heart out.

The show as usual started on a note of high intensity {like level 1000, omg is this even happening right now}. We finally got to see Rick and everyone else who was distracting the Walkers from coming to Alexandria and eating everyone’s brains. Sasha and Abraham were still in the car and Darryl still on his motorcycle slowing pedaling along. They had a few more miles they still had to travel before they could turn around and Darryl was getting bored. I can’t blame him. He could have easily just walked next to his bike and still being going at the speed they were going in the car. The rest of the group was hearing the gunshots coming in from home and they were beginning to worry. Many of them wanted to head back so Rick said of course to run and if you see anything in front of you just kill it.

While this initially seemed like a good idea, Rick totally forgot the fact, a lot of the people from Alexandria are still sheltered and don’t know how to fight for themselves. A good number of them still jump and try to shield themselves from the Walkers instead of just kill them. They also forget how the Walkers sound, and fundamentals things such as: sorry we’re going to have to off you if you get bit. They forget how much power they wield as a fully functional human. It’s expected however because of the intense amount of fear which spurs into your heart when you see a Walker come up on you. Well, unless of course you’re from the original crew.

Still, unfortunately, a lot of people are having Walkers sneak up on them. In that moment a lot of them end up bitten or scratched. Due to this we lost a lot of people during this episode. Needless to say, it was a blood show.

We lost Annie who sacrificed her life in what I believe was a beautiful show of being a martyr. She knew she was holding Michonne and the others back so it was better off if they left her. A lot of people from Alexandria who volunteered to come starting adapting the same attitude. Giving in.

I wouldn’t say they were giving up. They wanted to get back home to Alexandria and hopefully be in safety. But they were terrified. They were seeing their friends drop like flies to the Walkers. The only person I would say gave up or truly gave all the way into the Walkers tonight was Michael…

Michael started to have a panic attack as him and Glenn were completely surrounded by Walkers. I personally felt they could have survived on the dumpster if everything was just fine and dandy, but that’s not how AMC writers like to play. Michael blanked out. His heart was pounding. His fear was setting in. And he was not thinking clearly. Glenn tried to bring him back to reality. Micheal was far too gone and Glenn couldn’t call him out of it…

It was too late.

Micheal shot himself. As he started to throw his body into the swarm of Walkers below, he pulled Glenn with him and said “sorry.”




You think sorry covers for potentially killing off my favorite character. Oh. That’s cute. Well let me tell you something. They made it seem like Glenn is dead, but a lot of people are speculating he may still be alive. He may have used Michael as a shield. We saw A body get torn to shreds by the Walkers, but it could have been Michael’s and not Glenn’s. We do know Micheal is dead for sure {he shot himself in the head. Poor guy}, Glenn may be pinned under his body. This still good because Michael can become a Walker and eat Glenn while he’s right under him. And unfortunately, there’s still a huge swarm of Walkers around them.

Even if Glenn isn’t dead and he still may be alive, the chances of him surviving are so slim I don’t know what to think. And not to focus all my attention on Glenn {sorry he’s just one of my favs}, but I’m very concerned about his well being. Rick’s life is in the mix too. He decided to run off on a solo mission to get the camper. He did end up cutting his hand, which he is lucky to still even have. He wanted to come through and pick everyone up but he completely forget about one essential thing…the camper has a lot of battery issues and Glenn knows where the extra battery is.  Rick ends up getting attacked and goes full, “let me shoot everything in sight” mode. It backfires because the camper doesn’t start when he is ready to leave. All the noise from his gun and trying to start the camper attracted a lot of Walkers. There’s also extra Walkers from the bodies he just laid out.

So no idea how this 90 minutes episode will be next Sunday, but I expect a lot of questions to be answered like…What’s the state of Alexandria? Is Glenn alive? What’s the status on everyone else? Is Rick alive? And should Rick still lead the group? We’ll find out next time on Dragonball Z…I mean The Walking Dead.

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