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Updated: Apr 20

I’ve been waiting for this moment. The coffee talk. I love coffee and I love tea. Makes me feel so sophisticated to indulge in such a drink. There was a time where I was banned from drinking coffee because of my age. But now since I’m older (4 years older) I can drink it whenever I want.

No I’m not of drinking age if you were wondering. But to give you a hint I’m one year shy of a margarita. I’m truly not concerned about drinking alcohol because I think I’ve just outgrown the excitement phase. Of course when I turn 21 I’ll do the whole walking into the liquor store thing just to buy one drink because I can. But after that I’m done.

Anyway, I digress. Coffee is so sophisticated and with the outfit I’m wearing I feel like I can take on the world. It’s weird how coffee can cure some stomach problems and sometimes cause others. It’s all about moderation.

As I sit in my club’s office I ponder our future. I reflect on how we’ve started to build such a great foundation for it, and how we’ve created a bond with each other. We have made it a safe haven for people of color like us, and those with clear minds, to come and hang out. I believe it was one of our biggest accomplishments. We brought back to life what was sick and almost dying. Even though it seems like we’re done, we still have a long way to go.

For one, something we talked about in my church, we have to work on our community. We need to build more community, not just within our club, but within our people of color community on campus. I personally believe community is something many groups have to work on. By default we as people, especially at college age, tend to be cliquish. It’s hard to break out of your group to build larger community. We are highly focused on making life long best friends and mates. But God said community is super important. That’s why Jesus had the disciples. This is also why, even though he had his disciples, he still made it a point to hang out with other people. He was focused on building a bigger community. It is always easier to get your message across, or make a change if you have a large community. We’re not meant to go through life alone but we are not supposed to exclude others neither. Jesus hung out with just normal folk and if we are trying to be like him than we also must include others in our community. Community is highly important…

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