Teriyaki Pork, Sticky Rice, and Garlic Knots

It’s that time again! Cooking lately has become the most fun things I could possibly do. Besides it being a way of serving my love and showing love, I’m learning all new recipes as well as techniques. Cooking has led to feeling like more of an art form and loads of fun. My significant other and I have taken to watching Food Network’s Chopped. Chopped has completely changed my life, in a good way. I have a brand new love for cooking.

On this edition of ‘What’s On Yo’ Plate??’ we actually played our own version of Chopped at home! However, I did not have to compete with anyone but myself so it was the coolest part. I was my own competition as usual.

The ingredients for the challenge chefs included:

Teriyaki sauce

Pork tenderloins 


Pillsbury grands biscuits

So for the challenge I had prepared for the “judges,” Teriyaki Pork, sticky rice, and garlic knots.

To make the pork I marinated it with the teriyaki sauce and plopped it straight into the oven on 150 degrees and let it broil for the 20 minutes. Then onto the rice which takes a while to cook, I made sure I added extra water because to make sticky rice it needs more water. Once the rice was done I added a decent size of butter into the pot to add extra flavor. Also it’s important the water itself is very salty to boil in time. I constantly checked on my pork and made sure I was putting more and more sauce on it to stay flavorful. With the biscuits, I rolled them out and folded them into small ribbons. I melted some butter and spread it on top of the ribbons. I then took some Italian seasoning, garlic powder, and a little bit of salt for flavor and baked them according to package directions.

To serve, I placed it all on the plate nicely and added a little bit of extra teriyaki sauce onto my pork.

Complaints: The pork was a little tough, so I would have to learn how to make pork not chewy. (Please feel free to give me suggestions)

The total cooking time was 20 minutes because on Chopped you only have 20 minutes to make your entree and I did it with time to spare.

P.S. The Teriyaki sauce is made from scratch. Let me know if you want the recipe, but I’ll probably post it later. Happy cooking!

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