Sea Level NC: My Favorite Oysters

Updated: Feb 24

You want to have an amazing date night with your boo or bestie or by yourself and experience some of the greatest customer service Charlotte has to offer? Then you need to head over to Sea Level NC at 129 E 5th St, Charlotte, NC 28202. It’s located in the Hearst Tower and has parking connected right to it which is convenient when you’re thinking of Uptown dining.

When I first entered the restaurant a lovely woman greeted me and informed me of all the many places I could sit depending on the kind of dining experience I wanted. I chose to sit at the raw oyster bar and was greeted by two men who were shucking oysters and educating us about all the different oysters and other options they had on the menu. Then my lovely waitress came and informed me of the wonderful drinks and the Fish House Punch which is Goslings, Bacardi, Deep Eddy Peach Vodka, Courvoisier, Unsweet Tea, Lemon, Lime. And I understand why they call it a punch because it definitely packs one. It tasted amazing though and they use paper straws…talk about sustainable! A restaurant after my own heart.

See what is very interesting about Sea Level NC is they farm their own oysters so it truly is so fresh that you can taste it. So delicious.

Back to the drinks…oyster shooters! Truly an acquired taste for the fate of heart. Oyster shooters to me are delicious, but if you’re not a fan of raw oysters to begin with then…still try it because life is short. This oyster shooter (on the left) is called the Oyster Jammer. It is made of Cathead Vodka, pale ale, mignonette (which they make in house so fresh), and of course it included an oyster. In one big gulp it was surely delicious and put a little warmth all through my body.

On to the main course, aka the whole reason I was there. Oysters! These are fresh Sea Level oysters on the half shell from their local farm. They are paired with cocktail sauce topped with horseradish, lemon wedges, and two house made mignonette’s. Already at the table is your tabasco sauce and your crackers for your oyster enjoyment.

So please take the time out to visit Sea Level NC especially during their oyster Happy Hour! Sea Level always serves their local Sea Level oysters in house for $2 on Monday – Friday from 4 p.m.- 6 p.m. and late night 10 p.m.-midnight, Monday through Saturday. These oysters were truly and are truly worth it! Best and most fresh I have ever had.

Go visit and tell me what you think in the comments below!

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