Running Man

Updated: Apr 19

Sometimes you just want to run.

Or walk.

But mostly get away.

On occasion the stress of the everyday can weigh heavy, causing the mind to yearn for a mental break. At times the weight can be too much to bear. You never want to reach the point where it feels to heavy. Or when the walls of the empty white room start to move in on you. The room getting smaller, you feel confined. You never want to be in a situation where you feel trapped. You’ve let it go on for too long if you feel this way.

Why is mental health and mental health issues such a taboo? Especially in the Black, Christian, and Black Christian community. One of the real reasons sometimes friendships can’t stand the test of time because people do not want to admit they see a person has a mental illness. As much as it can hurt to admit such a thing. To openly say, “I suffer from depression.” Just because you may have a mental illness does not mean the end all be all. Having a mental illness does not mean you are any further from God either.

It pains me often to see people choose not to receive help because they believe they can pray all their problems away. Bless. Prayer needs action people. You cannot just get on your knees every night and pray for a happy ending then continue on with your life the way you always do.

Remember insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

God put people in place who can help you, like therapists, psychiatrists, goodness even the church has intercessors, but there are literally professional people put in place to help.

Now I will speak for a friend who has expressed their frustration with me. They suffer from depression. It was hard to admit but after agreeing to see someone to help them with their issue they found it easier to say out loud. Of course in the Black community having depression is seen as taboo or weak. My dad has even said he finds it hard on occasion to wrap his mind around the fact some people are truly depressed. He has to remember some people can’t just “get over it.” Which is something we are taught. We are taught if you’re sad, if you’re angry, if you’re angry to just get over it. But that is not the case.

The upbringing some of us have had has caused us to think we can just pray everything away when in reality it is not bad to go out and get help. As I said before, God gave those people gifts to help. He blessed them with the ability to do what they do on a daily. Let them use their gifts. Just doing the same thing over and over will not cause a different result. This is how people end up in the empty white room, with the loud deafening sound of loneliness, crumpling trying to pull themselves up from their knees.

Get up. Go out there and ask for help. Do not be prideful. Mental illness is not a taboo. It is okay to feel anyway you do. But if you actively try to make change then you will actively see change.


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