Ramen Never Is Boring

Updated: Feb 24

Never ever does Ramen have to be boring. Not when we have access to the World Wide Web. There’s always a ton of different ways you can do up ramen and make it interesting, and that’s why I love it.

Just using the packets in the ramen bag are no longer acceptable. You can jazz it up and give it any flavor. At the end of the day, it’s noodles. So here’s what I did…

First we got the ramen and boiled the noodles in water until the reached a consistency I like. What’s important is everyone likes their noodles cooked a different way. I do not like mine too be too fluffy nor do I want them to have a bite to it. I like them somewhere right in between.

  1. After the ramen has boiled to the perfect consistency, I pour out almost all of the water except for maybe 2 tablespoons worth and I put it back on the stove without heat.

  2. For this ramen, I added:1 packet of sazon adobo seasoning1 tsp of garlic powder1 tsp of onion powder1 tsp of honey Aleppo pepper1/2 tsp of cumin1 tsp of ginger1 tablespoon of Peruvian Aji Verde sauce (this is banging and I’ll be using it a lot more), 1 shake of parsley, 1 pinch of fried onions

Then boom! You have some tasty ramen, not Asian style, but Hispanic-inspired and wonderful. Tell me how yours comes out.

**Disclaimer: when I season my ramen I do it shake-based. I put a good amount of seasoning that would cover my ramen. However, what I typically use is equal to about a teaspoon so adjust how you feel comfortable.**


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