Pesca is Lifa (Story of a struggling Pescatarian)

Updated: Apr 19

Yeah you read it…I’m a pescatarian.

What is a pescatarian you ask?

Is that even a real word?

It can’t be there’s a red squiggly line under it.

Well it’s real and I am one. A pescatarian is a spin on vegetarianism. As in a huge spin because you aren’t a vegetarian.

Not eating meat has to possibly be the hardest thing I have ever done, but I feel as though the reasons why I am doing it is sincere. I say there’s 3 reasons why:

1) My weight fluctuates a bit too much when I am eating meat and it is probably because of the meat itself. And the second reason.

2) I have trouble digesting meat at times. Not saying there is something completely wrong with my digestive system, but meat is a very heavy substance especially beef. Being at home my mom was barely making beef or pork, when I would come to school it would be even harder to eat so I would get sick often. Being sick in college almost everyday is not fun. Not being at home where you have access to all the medicine your parents have makes it really tough.

3) As a Sustainable Development major it is really hard for me to wrap around eating meat knowing how it is raised. The only possible way I could eat it is if I received it straight from a farm a few miles from me, and at a discount. Come on, I’m a “broke college student.”

Now knowing the reasons I no longer eat meat (at least for the time), know it takes a great deal of discipline and hard work. There is a secret amount of discipline inside of me which I did not know I even obtained. It is the discipline which helps me say no to meat even when it is a beautiful smelling chicken Parmesan sandwich which is still fresh.

So do you know what I decided I should do with this great discipline I have found? Apply it to my walk with Christ. If I can be this disciplined with food then I can be this disciplined about my walk with Christ, following Him, reading my word, and being totally sold out for Him. Funny how he teaches you little lessons in the everyday things you do. They may seem small, but God finds a way to work through them all.

Peace and Love,

Candace Danielle

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