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Updated: Apr 19

Box Braids

So I love my hair dearly. It is my beautiful crowning glory I wear atop my head, and I am so glad I decided to go back natural because my hair has a freedom I cannot explain.

Having the ability to do whatever I want with my hair without the cost of it being destroyed in any way is such a blessing. Having a perm is great, and for some people it does wonders to their hair. Some women love perms and they work wonderfully for them, but unfortunately perms did not work for me.

Getting perms were great for me at first and my hair was growing longer and it was very full. However, after a while my scalp started to react terribly to it. I now have a type of scalp dermatitis similar to psoriasis and it is the hardest thing to deal with. Using grease excessively on my scalp is not good because it does not help. Using oil and my medicine in my scalp has been what I have had to resort to. It saddens me because I thought I had full freedom with my hair being natural but I’m still limited with my scalp issue.

The issue with my scalp gets worse because I found out the hard way I am allergic to synthetic hair. My scalp, neck, and back flared up alerting me I was allergic to the hair. Now I can no longer use synthetic hair in my head because it itches and causes me to breakout. I enjoyed using synthetic hair since it was so much cheaper. Paying $3 for a pack of hair instead of about $18+ is the greatest benefit. Unfortunately, I no longer live in that luxury. If i do want to use it, I have learned washing it in apple cider vinegar helps remove some of the chemicals which I am allergic to.

It’s really important to find out if you are allergic to particular types of hair before paying $200 to get your hair done, then having to take it all out because it is making your scalp breakout or something else. Scalp health is very important and sometimes we are so focused on having a certain hairstyle, we forget to check on the actual health of our hair. Also being healthy in general is great for body health and hair health. If you think you can just grow your hair by taking vitamins you better think again. You need to feed your hair just as you would a plant. Lots of water. Do not be afraid of it. Water is great for your hair.

So from my personal experience I would like to say be very careful with your hair and scalp. Always listen out to the signs your body is telling you.

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