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Updated: Apr 19

HeyFranHey aka Fran is amazing and I love how everything she does is always organic and/or healthier for your hair. I currently use this cleansing regimen in order to wash my hair and it is amazing. It does everything she said it would in terms of retaining moisture and getting rid of any bacteria and build up which may be in your hair due to heavy product use {and I do use my products heavily}.

With my scalp dermatitis, using the apple cider vinegar rinse on my hair was amazing because I get flare ups a lot. Apple cider vinegar helps fights bacteria which is causes the dermatitis and flare ups. Not saying my scalp is completely healed, but the flare up is not as prominent as it is when I normally wash my hair. I see a change in my hair every time I use this method. My scalp went from being a very light pink which stands out, to now darkening and returning to it’s natural tone.

I’m not anti shampoo just yet. When I do use shampoo, I make sure it is from Shea Moisture because their shampoos do not strip my hair dry of its natural oils. Other shampoos I have used, especially ones not for African American hair, dries out my hair a great deal. I’m left with very dry and brittle hair. This regimen helps retain the natural moisture your hair can build on its own. Especially when you’re using the natural oils such as black castor oil or olive oil.

I personally recommend this regimen for everyone even if you mix in your own products it is still good and healthy for your hair. Whether you’re natural or not this is a great hair regimen.

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