Green Coconut Curry Wraps

What’s green about it? Besides the obvious green spinach wrap wrapped around it, there’s also spinach on the inside, and hopefully from the beautiful little drippings you can see the orange of the curry. Which Hot Jamaican Curry was used. 

Okay, enough with the pleasantries, let’s get down to how to make this.

Here’s what you’ll need: 

  1. 1/2 pound of Wild Caught Shrimp

  2. There’s a reason why we do wild caught! Last time I went to the grocery store I got educated on fish and my local person told me wild caught is best. It’ll be fresher, not dyed, and fed what it is supposed to out of the wild. It also tastes the best in my opinion. 

  3. 1 can of organic/nonorganic coconut milk unsweetened 

  4. 3 cloves of garlic

  5. Or like 1/2 tablespoon if you can’t get it fresh.

  6. 1 bunch of spinach

  7. Let’s do the fresh kind because the way things are be recalled…and also make sure you wash it again!

  8. 1 pack of spinach wraps 

  9. Or other wraps if you want to mix it up

  10. 2 sprigs of cilantro

  11. If cilantro tastes like soap to you I’m sorry, so it is absolutely okay if you want to leave it out.

  12. 3 shakes of parsley flakes

  13. 3 shakes of basil

  14. 1 bunch of green onions 

  15. 2 avocados

  16. 1 mango 

  17. salt

  18. black pepper

  19. butter made with coconut oil, or olive oil

  20. red pepper flakes

Now we talk about how to make it:

  1. Prep: Dice/mince up the garlic until it is very small. Slice the shrimp up into pieces if you want to stretch it or leave them whole. I prefer to also buy the shrimp without the tail and deveined. Please make sure you properly clean them.

  2. Dice up the cilantro and spinach after cleaning it a second time with some diluted apple cider vinegar. Slice the mangoes, avocados, and green onions and leave them off to the side. 

  3. Time to season the shrimp. Now when it comes to seasoning, I think this is where you can have free will. My rule of thumb is to cover the meat or veggies you are seasoning. Season with a pinch of sea salt, black pepper, old bay, basil leaves, parsley flakes, onion powder, ginger,  turmeric, and red pepper flakes. Set to the side. 

  4. Heat up the pan to medium high heat and one by one, warm up each tortilla on both sides and set them to the side.

  5. In the medium hot pan, add a tablespoon of butter or olive oil and add in garlic. Brown the garlic until it is fragrant. Once it reaches a fragrant smell add the coconut milk and turn down the heat to medium. Stir the pan and add in the seasoned shrimp, cook until right about done. Add in the spinach and cilantro. Season the coconut milk with about 2 tablespoons of curry powder. You can taste and adjust the seasoning of the sauce based on what you like. At this point sometimes I like to add honey or brown sugar if I want it to be a bit sweeter. Or just let it simmer until it gets a little thicker. The sugar breaking down will thicken it up as well. 

  6. Time to assemble the Avengers…I mean the wraps. With the spinach wraps you want to lay them out flat, then add your mixture to the middle, two slices of avocado and two slices of mango off to the side. Then wrap and roll like a burrito. I like to fold mine on both sides so it stays closed. After they are assembled you can spray a cookie sheet and cook them a little in the oven or brown them on both sides in a medium hot pan. I think that would be best because after they taste best cold.

Then bon appétit they are all done!

I think another great way to wrap these up would be in spring roll wrappers or even wonton wrappers. But for a light healthy lunch I like the spinach wraps. It also ensures you get that extra dose of spinach which is important to health. 

Remember try to always incorporate blueberries, spinach and walnuts into your weekly diet. 

Leave a comment below and post a picture if you try it!

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