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Updated: Apr 19

So many of you may have read about my terrible experience with trying to do something I should not have and I want to let you know that I am doing a lot better. I didn’t write the post for likes, followers, or attention, but I definitely wanted to share part of my testimony with you. It’s very imperative to be open and honest not only with yourself but with your resources. My favorite teacher from the third grade once told me, I am going through all the things I am in order to share my story with others. I see this as a platform to share what happened in hope to make other people think before they try to attempt such a thing.

My biggest fault the other day was not using my resources and most of all not going to my source. Trying to take myself out was not a decision that I should have made without consulting God first. Even if I had called my dad, and talked to him about my issues I know he would have talked me off the ledge. Just acting on that negative thought without talking to Him  or him, was like saying “Hey, God I know more than you,” and that’s definitely not the case or telling my dad “Hey, I don’t care how much you love me or what to see me succeed, I’m done.” I know now that God has an ultimate plan for me and it involves greatness. And moreover, I know my dad wants to see me be great, so giving in to my negative thoughts would have broke his heart in such a way I never want to see. I have so many plans and goals for myself. It’s hard to think I’ll actually be successful when I have trouble going to class everyday. But that’s why I not the one with the master plan.

So I’ve decided that I’m going to dig deeper into Christ, allow Him to be my source, and get stronger. And I’m going to talk to the people around me who love me when I’m feeling low. I know that I am determined for greatness because God would’ve taken me out if He was done with me, but He’s not done with me yet. So I’m going to keep on trucking and loving The Lord. And for the love of my dad, and the sacrifices he made to help me to get to this point, I want to make him proud of me.

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