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Updated: Feb 24

Even before quarantine my boyfriend had a saying he always loved to say: “Creative Freedom.” This response usually comes after I ask what would he like for me to cook.

I’m not sure if he is aware but I think it is hilarious he gives me creative freedom. It allows me to get to do whatever I want to in the kitchen. It works well for us because he is not picky. I have a habit of wanting to create something different every time I cook. I enjoy exploring other cultures when cooking. I love fusing my West Indian and American culture with other cultures from around the world.

I usually end up with a jerk or curried seasoned food or using allspice or thyme. Things I find to be the crux of my West Indian culture. Things which remind me of home…

The flavors I grew up with are amazing. My mother had a habit of constantly ensuring we had a little taste of all over the world. I traveled taste wise even though I was not traveling physically. Of course, also living in New York City in its prime, allowed for me to have the ability to taste foods from different parts of the world. Number one food I LOVED and still do is sushi. I have gotten into the kitchen recently and made sushi. The benefit of creative freedom is getting to make whatever such I feel as though would satisfy my tastebuds at the time.

Shopping at Super G Mart I am always excited because they have a wide range of food clearly detailed. I went in knowing my very significant other told me I had creative freedom over the sushi for the night. I usually end up there when he tells me I have creative freedom. Super G mart and Compare Foods is my favorite place to shop when I am ready to make some tasty food which has a fusion of my cultures and loves.

I have decided while we are in “lockdown” to take an adventure and talk about all of the foods I am creating. The thoughts and processes. Mostly importantly how I am maneuvering during this time. Food has always been my escape. I am trying to find a health way to navigate food, while also trying to find escape when I am constantly feeling trapped.

So sit back, relax, get some tea and enjoy the Creative Freedom series. Brought to you by my very significant other and these trying quarantine times.

Candace Mollison

Aspiring Chef


North Carolina

Contact: Afroditesvilla@gmail.com

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