End It Movement

Updated: Apr 20

Today marks the 27th of March which was a big day for the End It Movement.

If you don’t know what the End It Movement is then you’re most definitely missing out. This campaign represents the more than 27 million people around the world who are currently enslaved. This slavery includes but is not limited to sex trafficking, human trafficking, farmers, laborers, and other people who work for near to nothing in order to benefit people who are profiting off of their slave labor.

We rarely think about the process which leads to us being able to attain our “stuff.” Thoughts such as where it actually comes from, and how many hands it goes through before it gets to us. It’s not often we think about the work that goes into it or even who pays the price for us to have these nice material things.

Today they shined a light on slavery by having people post every 27th minute of the hour, #enditmovement, in order to shine a light on slavery. You can help continue the process of ending slavery around the world by going to enditmovement.com and following instructions to raise awareness. You don’t have to donate money. You can help educate others using your social media outlets, word of mouth, or pamphlets. If you want to go a step further then you can donate to various organizations which go into countries and help men, women, and children out of slavery. Your donation will help them have the funds to help the people they free from slavery. The donations help from going in to save them to helping them create a life after slavery. If you have a particular group of slavery you don’t agree with then you can most definitely find something on the site. #enditmovement.

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