Dress for success?

Updated: Apr 20

Does the way you dress truly motivate you to do more work?

Some researchers say, students should do their homework in the clothes they went to school or class in, if they are aiming to get more work done.

How much truth is there in that?

I personally tried to put that statistic to work by doing my chores and homework in the same clothes I wore outside, and it had some effect on me. Keeping my shoes on made it so I couldn’t lay down and fall asleep on my bed which is my usual go to. It kept me moving. Personally, when I have to dress for work {which is business casual} throughout the day I’m more likely to be productive. Which includes going to all my classes early, and maybe even attending some extracurricular activities after class. It may seem  my attire has a direct affect on my attitude and the way I go throughout the day. It will really be put to the test later when I have to finish laundry, pack, study, do homework, and etc. But maybe the way you dress does have an affect on the motivation you exert. So dress for success people.


Candace Danielle

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