Creative Freedom: Ram-YUM!

Updated: Feb 24

Ramen is the crux of a college student’s diet. If you’re not eating ramen then you must be living some kind of good life where you can always afford Chick-fil-a. Well go ahead then baller, but there were many days where I was in the dorm room heating up ramen in the microwave.

Now as an adult in my first real big girl job (maybe I’ll detail later, maybe not) I want you all to know I have not stopped eating ramen. Ramen is life. During quarantine, ramen has been the one thing we have been able to find at the grocery store almost all the time.

While I am going back and forth with whether or not I want to eat chicken, I still get chicken-flavored ramen. For me, ramen noodles are the most important aspect of the packet. The foil packet of seasoning is great…however, it is high in sodium. Due to the high sodium content, I rarely ever use it. I may put a little dab or “salt bae” sprinkle, but I do not dump the seasoning packet into my Ramen.

In this Creative Freedom: Ram-Yum edition, I have been taking ramen packets and doing something a little different every time.

On this day, I boiled my pack of ramen noodles like normal. I salted my water and made sure it was a little salty like the ocean. When the noodles were almost completely done, I removed all the water and poured in a can of Italian seasoned chopped tomatoes. Remember the noodles are just noodles, so once you have them, you can dress them up any way you would like.

I chose to go Italian this night. Let’s carry on:

  1. 1 pack of ramen noodles (any flavor)

  2. 1 can of Italian seasoned chopped tomatoes

  3. 5 chopped garlic cloves

  4. Italian seasoning

  5. Italian cheese

  6. Parmesan cheese

  7. Fresh or frozen spinach

I made this all for one person. I took one pack of ramen and boiled it until it was almost completely perfect. I removed almost all of the water and left about a tablespoon of pasta water. After I put in a can of Italian seasoned diced tomatoes. I mixed it into the ramen very well and smelled for an Italian feel in the food. Then I put in the chopped cloves of garlic.

Please know add as much or as little garlic as possible.  I personally love garlic, so I always ensure I put a great deal of garlic into my food.

In addition to garlic, I sprinkle onion powder, basil, and Italian seasoning mix. Smell the fumes coming off of the noodles. It should smell like one of your favorite Italian dishes. Of course, you can also taste the food. I have a habit of cooking with smells. I want to be pleased by my other senses when I cook a meal.

After the tomatoes and seasonings have cooked well, I add some spinach so I can have some greenery to my meals. My significant other reminds me the food should be flavorful and colorful. I try to make sure my food has both of these elements in them.

When plated, I top with Italian and Parmesan cheese. I love cheese (obviously) but I like to put it on at the end to get that color difference. I love the fact Italian food always has its flag in the colors: red, white, and green.

Pay attention next time you eat Italian food.

Colors are important with food. Your food should be an experience for you to enjoy wholeheartedly.

After finishing off my food with cheese, I added a little bit of extra Italian seasoning at the top for garnish.

Enjoy Ram-Yum or Ramen. It is cheap, easy, and very flexible.


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