Updated: Apr 20

Now before you start thinking I am possibly pregnant you can stop right there…

Now on to the regularly scheduled post. I am the type of person to have a great deal of cravings all the time for no apparent reason at all. It must be a curse because I have this constant feeling of wanting to satisfy every single food craving I have. From mozzarella sticks to anything covered in cinnamon sugar, I have a large problem with cravings. Currently, I am feeling for something covered in cinnamon sugar, and my go to is the cinnamon sugar pretzels at QuikTrip but I also am craving a cinnamon roll from Cinnabon. Both of those stores are in close proximity of me and it is becoming a problem.

My next biggest step in my food changes is controlling my cravings. They worsen when I eat smaller portions. I eat smaller portions because I had a tendency to overeat. I’m just trying to protect myself from being the “McGee” I used to be.

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