Candace Danielle
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Aspiring is the term I'm using to describe my culinary endeavors. I have a love and a passion for cooking. From bringing the ingredients together harmoniously in the dish to watching them be placed beautifully on the plate. I find true pleasure in being in the kitchen. I challenge myself to try a new dish as often as possible. Something from a different culture. Something time-consuming. Something I think I'm incapable of doing. I enjoy the challenge, especially the plating of the food. Plating the food and photographing it well has been a challenge as well. Using my iPhone, a tripod gifted to be by someone who inspires me, and a ring light I got on Amazon I do my best to try to grab the best food pictures I possibly can. I'm currently debating culinary school. Some of my culinary heroes did not attend school. They took time to learn the craft and soar at it. I'm trying my hand at the latter. With help from some of the greatest culinary textbooks and cookbooks, I have the ability to try something different and learn in-depth information about it as well. I have had the ability to learn about the history of Culinary Arts. The people who have gone before me and paved the way especially for Black women like myself in the culinary field. I hope you enjoy this journey with me. I'm always open to critique, feedback, and fun stories of how it went trying out these recipes.