about me
Candace Danielle

Thanks for joining me! This is my seventeenth time creating a site!

While seventeen may seem like an exaggeration in a way it is not. I have started and ended blogs over and over again. I started writing when I was a pre-teen and have continued since then. As I have grown, so have my stories. My previous blogs have been dark places.


My intention is for this to be a place of light and enlightenment. I am to bring peace, light, and love everywhere I go.

Even the statement above is a bit. Life is not always light and peace. There are moments of darkness, but one thing which has brought me great joy is food.


I do not think cooking is complicated. It shouldn't be a chore. To me, it is a fun art form that you can share with others.


One thing we all have in common across cultures is food. Food is the one thing which brings us all together.

So I hope you enjoy it all with me. I'm always open to constructive criticism and lots of love!

Charlotte/Harrisburg/Cornelius, North Carolina, US